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Welcome to Woodtech LogixX

Welcome and Hello there! I'm Eric the founder and sole proprietor of WoodTech LogixX. I'm glad you have made it here to my webpage and launch pad for some of my new and upcoming ideas. I'm hoping for the upcoming year to be a good one for the company and the brand. I'm truly ecstatic you are here for the ride.

Upcoming Shop builds, Cutting boards, Live slab furniture, Hall trees, Hope Chests, Guitars, Guitar Walls and many more things planned - stay tuned! There will be some good ones! Oh yea - plus this awesome blog where I'm going to share some personal items along with shop builds, instructional tutorials and Tool Reviews!


Starting off I'm a proud Father of a beautiful little girl Hope, who is the best thing to ever happen to me. A husband to CarolAnn, the most supporting and unbelievably wonderful wife in the world, and a son to the best Mom one could ask for! Family always comes first and its part of my drive behind all I do including this project. Additionally we have two little fur dogs named Squirt and Jack-Jack that we include in everything!

Family Photo
The Casey's - Hope, CarolAnn and Yours Truly

I've spent most of my life involved in music and technology playing in endless local bands and doing Audio Visual work in the Tri-State area. Hence the Tech in WoodTech!! The last sixteen years of my life have been devoted to my work in Audio Visual and moving up the corporate ladder. I still really enjoy my "Day Job" and love getting my hands dirty with anything that has to do with technology and tools! My career and and education in audio production kept bringing me back to video projects with friends or a recording project here and there but nothing ever too serious.


In comes woodworking (A slow burn): A few years back we bought my first home and once getting settled I began to put together a small shop in the basement. You know, when you own a home there is always some project that needs to be done or you have to knock off an item on the "hunny-do" list and that was how it was for a few years. I did some projects here and there with not much seriousness, built some shelves and some closet organizers but nothing too ambitious.

Then a few events began to effect me - between the pandemic slowing the whole world down, the loss of my father a few years ago and the birth of my first child I was on the hunt for something more fulfilling in life, more meaningful, less stressful and more rewarding. I came to find that the woodshop is where that is. I began doing more projects and making time to be creative letting my desires take hold. Something I truly hold dear, taking time to be with some of my fathers old carpenter tools. Its a relaxing place to be alone with ones thoughts and be one with the creative process. I made a small drill holder to start and then just began putting the shop together. Upgraded my table saw and got a real #5 hand plane and built by hand a real workbench:

This was done with only that table saw, a hand plane, some of dads old chisels and a handsaw I bought at woodcraft!

A few projects followed and I was hooked, it just felt so right. I began to try more and more things and ended up making my daughters dresser and changing table before she came into our lives. The feelings of making functional, beautiful, handmade items for people really started to resonate within me.


But I couldn't ignore the technology that got me to this point right? Nope, all along I was taking pictures, capturing video, editing video, sharing with others and learning how to incorporate my journey onto social media and the internet. What I didn't know was the amazing community already out there waiting to add me in! The online world of woodworking and "Maker" community is amazing and its a really fun group to be a part of. I've only reached the tip of the iceberg of it too, and I'm unsure at this point where it will lead to. Below you will find my first YouTube video after all those months of work:

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time out of your day to read this! If you have time please subscribe to the mailing list for the newsletter below and say stop by and say Hi via email or find me on Instagram @woodtechlogixx! I would love to chat about anything Tech or Woodworking related. Please stay tuned for site updates and new and interesting content!


Owner - WoodTech LogixX

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